100 years of Barbaresco

At La Spinona, Barbaresco wine has been a family affair for five generations. Since the last century, the Berutti family has placed its faith in the hills surrounding the town of Barbaresco, a place that is particularly suited to producing exceptional wines.


The winery’s history dates back to 12 November 1920, when Giovanni bought his first vineyard, roughly one hectare, in the Faset MGA, from Count Eugenio Cocito.

His son, Gepin (Giuseppe in the local dialect), with Emilia, his wife, continued to work in the vineyard, producing wine for their family and friends.

Purchase deed of the vineyard Faset on November 12, 1920

Romana and Pietro on their wedding day on July 30, 1945


La Spinona was founded by Pietro Berutti. He strongly believed in Barbaresco and, with his wife Romana, he started to market the first bottles. It was at this time that Pietro undertook his first trips abroad to promote Barbaresco in the rest of the world.

Gualtiero, his son, carried on the family's great enthusiasm for the land and the vineyard, contributing his expertise to the cultivation of the vines and selecting the best products, while fully respecting the environment. He also worked as a veterinary surgeon, and still owns a herd of piedmontese Fassona cattle, using the manure to fertilise the vineyards.


His son, Pietropaolo, after completing his studies in oenology, joined the company and introduced new techniques, combining winemaking innovation with the family tradition.

The family dedicated their efforts year after year, purchasing new plots in Barbaresco and a new vineyard in Novello for nebbiolo for Barolo in 1994, expanding the property to 24 hectares of vineyards and 4 farmsteads.

La Spinona, a name associated with the terroir, originates from an important family member: the ever-present memory of their Spinone Italiano-breed dog called Baica. A friend who accompanied Pietro on his journey over the years, saving the life of his son Gualtiero when he fell into the Tanaro river during a hunting trip. To show his gratitude, Pietro decided to pay tribute to Baica by placing her as the winery logo.

The Berutti family: Romana, his husband Pietro, the son Gualtiero and their grandson Pietropaolo

Pietropaolo and Gualtiero Berutti


Pietropaolo, the 5th generation, manages the winery, and he takes care of the entire winemaking process of all the wines produced, with the support of his father Gualtiero who attends the works in the vineyards and the herd of cattle.