Position, orientation, microclimate and tradition: these are the four factors that characterise our vineyards, all of which are in the municipality of Barbaresco (the Barolo vineyard is in the municipality of Novello). Position: the plots are located in the best parts of the hills. Orientation: from south-east to south-west, for maximum exposure to the sun. Microclimate: the combination of natural elements enables us to obtain wines with unique fragrances. The soil yields Barbaresco, Nebbiolo and Barbera characterised by length, finesse and elegance. The Barolo is full-bodied and structured. Thanks to the microclimate influenced by the Tanaro river and the woods adjacent to the vineyards, the Dolcetto and Chardonnay are fresh, long-lived and have a distinct minerality.

Tradition: the cultivation of the vineyards and the soil is governed by respect for the environment. The use of natural fertilisers produced by our cattle breeding and a scrupulous choice of low-impact treatments are just two examples of how we care for nature. Vineyards and cascine (farmsteads), in keeping with the tradition of our land:

CASCINA LA SPINONA. This is the site of our winery, on a hill near the river Tanaro in the municipality of Barbaresco. It comprises 10 hectares planted with Nebbiolo (Bricco Faset), Dolcetto d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba, Nebbiolo and Chardonnay.

CASCINA LA GHIGA. On a hill overlooking two valleys in the municipality of Barbaresco, it comprises 5.5 hectares planted with Nebbiolo, Dolcetto d’Alba and Barbera d’Alba.

CASCINA L’ALBINA. Located in the municipality of Barbaresco, near the village of Neive, it consists of 2.5 hectares planted with Nebbiolo da Barbaresco.


CASCINA LA BERGERA. Located in the municipality of Novello, it comprises 4 hectares planted with Nebbiolo da Barolo.

Cascina La Bergera

Cascina La Ghiga

Cascina L'Albina

Cascina La Spinona